National Security Monitoring No. 88

  • Politics Of Hijab In Governance Of Islamic Republic Of Iran
  • Kurdish Celebrities Congress; Strategic Initiative In Area Of Ethnicities
  • Requirements For Governance Under Sanctions
  • Development In The Judiciary: From Efficiency To Fighting Corruption
  • Bitcoin; Opportunities And Threats
  • IRGC’s Retaliatory Attack To Kurdish Parties Headquarters In Iraqi Kurdistan
  • Reduction Of Nuclear Commitments: Consequences And Prospect
  • Return Of ISIS And Islamic Republic Of Iran’s National Security
  • Donald Trump: His Unconventional Personality And Iran’s Dignity
  • Trump Executive Order 13876: Goals, Consequences And Strategies
  • Efforts For Limiting Islamic Republic Of Iran’s Presence In Syria, Iraq, And Yemen
  • Manama Meeting; Challenges And Consequences
  • Prospect Of Turkish Developments
  • Assessment Of Military Option Against Iran; Armed Opposition Groups And Deal Of The Century

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