MountlyPublicationانتشاراتماه نگار دیده‌بان امنیت ملی

National Security Monitoring No. 91

  • Strategic Features Of 11th Parliamentary Election
  • General Policies Of Legislature System And Future Of Legislation In Iran
  • Challenge Of Educational Justice In Entrance Exam
  • Sixties, New Life Style And Family
  • Iranian Female Entrance Into Stadium: Strategic Lessons
  • East Azarbaijan’s Climate, Geopolitical And Infrastructure Capacities And Opportunities
  • Sistan And Baluchestan’s Economic Capacities For Management Of National Problems
  • Water Transfer From Caspian Sea To Central Plateau: Backgrounds And Deterrents
  • Hirmand River Treaty (1973) And Its Implementation Requirements
  • ۹th European Society For Iranian Studies Conference
  • Fourth Step In Obligation Reduction; European Possible Reaction And Iranian Strategy
  • Trend Analysis On Massive Unrest In Iraq
  • Turkish Invasion Of Northern Syria; Consequences And Future
  • Yemen Developments: Saudi Desperation And Prospect Of Ceasefire
  • Representation Of Iran In American Society: Trends And Strategies
  • Iran And Eurasian Economic Union; Capacities And Opportunites

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