National Security Monitoring No. 92

  • The Strategic Lessons of Aban 1398 Unrest
  • The Strategic Considerations of Managing New Unrest; The Case Study of Aban Unrest
  • Fuel Management; Possible Options and The Cause of Sudden Announcement
  • Generational Encounter and the Political Stability in Contemporary Iran
  • The Problemology of Ethnic Events in Sport; Contexts and Mechanisms
  • Parliamentary Elections; the Political Parties Separation from Social Groups and the National Cohesion
  • Land Subsidence in Tehran: Backgrounds and Mechanisms
  • Political Consensus; A Need to Deal with the Long-term Consequences of Sanctions
  • Human Rights Pressures Against the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Past Three Months
  • The nature and functioning of financial intelligence units
  • Government Budget Reform and its outlook
  • Iran’s unrest and the Threat to Domestic Stability
  • The Possibility of War Between Iran and The Zionist Regime; Its Consequences and the US Response

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