Travel and Tourism; Strategic Requirements

Travel and Tourism; Strategic Requirements

Strategic Studies Department The statistics released by the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization show an increase of 20% in Norouz travels. However, tourism activists believe that in the current year we have faced a dramatic…
Regional and Trans-regional Diplomacy of Iran

Regional and Trans-regional Diplomacy of Iran; from Central Asia to South America

Yaser Nooralivand The visits to Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Tajikistan can be evaluated in line with the first super-priority of the 12th government namely the settlement of regional problems and the strengthening of relations and the level…
The US and the JCPOA Alternatives and Strategies

The US and the JCPOA: Alternatives and Strategies

Dr. Mahmoud Yazdanfam Trump’s Policy towards the JCPOA is not completely clear and decisive and several factors are involved in its formation namely; his new security team, the intensification of tensions in Moscow-Washington relations,…
Iran's Military satellite

The Matter of Survival; Iran’s Space and Missile Programs

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Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) announced on April 22, 2020 that Iran's first military satellite (named Noor-1) had been launched into space using a three-stage Qased launcher and had successfully reached an orbit of 425km (264 miles).…

The Crisis of Migration and Refugees in Europe

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Dr. Abdullah Qanbarloo During the first 8 months of 2015, almost 300,000 refugees have crossed European borders through the Mediterranean Sea. According to the UNHCR figures, the total number of refugees in 2014 had been 220,000. It is worth…

New Diplomatic Attempts during Trump

Aliakbar Asadi Taking the power in the US by Trump and adopting a strict policy towards Iran have led to a tense atmosphere for the planning and promoting new diplomatic attempts against Tehran in the region. This situation has created a proper…

Pressure on Iran and Stability of Middle East

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About Warnalysis: This is a constructed term, composed of Warning and Analysis. Warnalysis Tries to give strategic view about consequences of possible events on regional and global peace and security. Mahdi Shapouri Trump administration…
Analyst and Statcraft

Analyst and Statecraft: Principles and Rules

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Mehdy Mirmohammady   Abstract Statecraft is a function expected from officials in the political system, which means handling the society's affairs in the political, sociocultural, economic, environmental, and defense fields. Statecraft…
The Economy of Resistance: Production and Employment Problems and Requirements

The Economy of Resistance: Production and Employment Problems and Requirements

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The supreme leader named 1396 as the “Year of the Economy of Resistance: Production and Employment,” and in that framework all active and effective institutions in the society were asked to pay due attention to both production as well…
North Korean Crisis the Turn of Diplomacy?

North Korean Crisis: the Turn of Diplomacy?

Dr. Mohsen Shariatinia The Korean Peninsula crisis is one of the longstanding crises in the field of international politics. Since the end of World War II, the Peninsula has been one of the main and most persistent crises in international…