The US 2015 National Security Strategy

Heidar Ali Balouji

The US National Security Strategy is a basic document submitted by the US Administration to the Congress. It establishes the national security concerns and the ways they should be dealt with.
The document indeed, reflects the strategy to improve national interests, values and the rule of law based on the US views and through a continuous and strong American leadership.
According to the 2015 document, the US leadership is driven by all power elements including its privileges in diplomacy, development, defense, information, science, technology and the like. This leadership should be obtained by cooperation of the US partners and in the course of collective mobilization as well as capacity building for them.
One of the key elements of the document is a reference to close cooperation between the Government and Congress to putting an end to budget deficit, as it is very harmful to the military efficiency and other power instruments.
In order to strengthening the US economic competition capabilities, the document also puts the emphasis on energy security, easy and secured access to the global energy market with reasonable prices, opening global market to the American goods and services as well as better labor atmosphere within the domestic economy.
The US National Security Strategy has a special look at Asia. Therefore, creating new balance of power at Asia-Pacific by diplomacy, alliances and partnerships, trade, investment and security measures are on its agenda. The US is proclaiming that it is determined to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons while tuning down means of disputes with Iran. Thus, the document refers to the nuclear talks with Iran and especially comprehensive agreement without mentioning Iran’s domestic or regional policy.

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