The Institute
The Research Institute for Strategic Studies (RISS) is a non-profit institute funded in 1997 based on authorization by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology that professionally generates ideas and promotes literature on strategic studies. Based in Tehran, the Institute is centrally positioned to assist the Iranian masters of strategy in developing the practical, innovative thinking needed to find solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow.
The Institute brings together thinkers, academia and statesmen so that we may work together to build creative solutions that will benefit all states and peoples.
The Institute aims at utilizing all possible ways and means, like publications, seminars, education and outreach and etc. to institutionalize strategic understanding in the country.

Our Vision
The Institute’s driving Vision is that of a world where peace prevails over conflict through training, promotion of national security culture, monitoring national security developments and finally establishing a constructive relationship between relevant academic and executive entities active in the field of security and strategy. .

Our Mission
The Mission of the Institute is to assist its audience in finding and implementing solutions to successfully manage challenges and crises. Through its research and educational efforts, the Institute seeks to forward strategic thinking, contribute to conflict prevention and promote the development of a peaceful and prosperous world. In this way, striving to anticipate new security challenges and threats and to elaborate possible methods to address them before they become critical is very important for the Institute.

The Foundations
– Knowledge oriented security can be more effective than other orientations,
– National security requires enjoying scientific principles, methods and tools,
– Precise cognition of the facts and scientific mechanisms are prerequisite of adopting strategic decisions,
– Security and Strategic studies have a long background,
– The Great Powers enjoy a strong research and thin-tanks,
– The Islamic Republic of Iran should take efficient steps in terms of research and education in the field of strategic studies.

International Cooperation
The Institute attaches a great importance to constructive interaction with its counterparts around the world, therefore, it concurs any initiation, either individual or institutional, to found and promote cooperation in the fields of mutual interest for both sides. For more information please contact us at: