The US Foreign Policy: Contradictions and Confrontations

Mahmood Yazdanfam The first three months of Trump’s foreign policy was associated with the issuance of executive orders prohibiting entry of nationals of the six predominantly Muslim countries to the US; new appointments; meeting with the…
The Paradox of Peace and Insecurity in Afghanistan

The Paradox of Peace and Insecurity in Afghanistan

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Last month The Afghan government witnessed an increase in clashes in Helmand and the suicide attacks as well as reoccupation of Kunduz. At the same time the government tried to push through the signing of a peace agreement with Hekmatyar, negotiate…
Tourism Industry culture economy and security

Tourism Industry; culture, economy and security

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The tourism industry is among growing economic sectors with development potentials in Iran. Prosperity and dynamism of this sector can considerably contribute to the realization of the resistive economy. However, the development of this relatively…