Moutly 99

National Security Monitoring No. 92

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The Strategic Lessons of Aban 1398 Unrest The Strategic Considerations of Managing New Unrest; The Case Study of Aban Unrest Fuel Management; Possible Options and The Cause of Sudden Announcement Generational Encounter and the Political…
ماه‌نگار دیده‌بان امنیت ملی

National Security Monitoring No. 91

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Strategic Features Of 11th Parliamentary Election General Policies Of Legislature System And Future Of Legislation In Iran Challenge Of Educational Justice In Entrance Exam Sixties, New Life Style And Family Iranian Female Entrance…
national Security Monitoring 90

National Security Monitoring No. 90

Educational Justice in Iran: An Overview Health Security; Trends And Developments Policy Requirements For Education Of Local And Ethnic Languages And Literature In Schools Social Pathologies; Challenges And Essentials Of Policy-Making…
National Security Monitoring 88

National Security Monitoring No. 88

Politics Of Hijab In Governance Of Islamic Republic Of Iran Kurdish Celebrities Congress; Strategic Initiative In Area Of Ethnicities Requirements For Governance Under Sanctions Development In The Judiciary: From Efficiency To Fighting…
National Security Monitoring 87

National Security Monitoring – No.87

“Resistance” And “Axis Of Resistance” In The Islamic Republic Of Iran’s Discourse Economic And Subsistence Situation And Its Consequences For Social And Political Areas Destruction Of Agricultural- Natural Zones: Backgrounds…
National Security Monitoring 86

National Security Monitoring – No.86

Requirement Of More Effective Support For Vulnerable Classes Agriculture And National Security; Strategic Role Of Agricultural Sector Under Sanctions Post-Crisis Management; Lessons And Requirements Pathology Of Crisis Management…