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National Security Monitoring No. 92

The Strategic Lessons of Aban 1398 Unrest The Strategic Considerations of Managing New Unrest; The Case Study of Aban Unrest Fuel Management; Possible Options and The Cause of Sudden Announcement Generational Encounter and the Political Stability in Contemporary Iran The Problemology of Ethnic Events in Sport; Contexts and Mechanisms Parliamentary Elections; the Political Parties Separation […]


Travel and Tourism; Strategic Requirements

Strategic Studies Department The statistics released by the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization show an increase of 20% in Norouz travels. However, tourism activists believe that in the current year we have faced a dramatic decrease in the number of passengers and what has taken place was nothing but scattered movements of population. In […]


Regional and Trans-regional Diplomacy of Iran; from Central Asia to South America

Yaser Nooralivand The visits to Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Tajikistan can be evaluated in line with the first super-priority of the 12th government namely the settlement of regional problems and the strengthening of relations and the level of cooperation with the neighboring countries. At the same time, the visits to Africa and South America taken place […]


The US and the JCPOA: Alternatives and Strategies

Dr. Mahmoud Yazdanfam Trump’s Policy towards the JCPOA is not completely clear and decisive and several factors are involved in its formation namely; his new security team, the intensification of tensions in Moscow-Washington relations, the firm support of Europe to maintain the JCPOA, the relations between Iran and Europe, the invasion of the three Western […]

The US Foreign Policy: Contradictions and Confrontations

Mahmood Yazdanfam The first three months of Trump’s foreign policy was associated with the issuance of executive orders prohibiting entry of nationals of the six predominantly Muslim countries to the US; new appointments; meeting with the officials of other countries; missile attack on Syria; dropping ‘mother of all bombs’ in Afghanistan and sending US fleet […]

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National Security Monitoring No. 91

Strategic Features Of 11th Parliamentary Election General Policies Of Legislature System And Future Of Legislation In Iran Challenge Of Educational Justice In Entrance Exam Sixties, New Life Style And Family Iranian Female Entrance Into Stadium: Strategic Lessons East Azarbaijan’s Climate, Geopolitical And Infrastructure Capacities And Opportunities Sistan And Baluchestan’s Economic Capacities For Management Of National […]

New Diplomatic Attempts during Trump

Aliakbar Asadi Taking the power in the US by Trump and adopting a strict policy towards Iran have led to a tense atmosphere for the planning and promoting new diplomatic attempts against Tehran in the region. This situation has created a proper opportunity of competing or hostile actors especially Saudi Arabia to take measures in […]


National Security Monitoring No. 90

Educational Justice in Iran: An Overview Health Security; Trends And Developments Policy Requirements For Education Of Local And Ethnic Languages And Literature In Schools Social Pathologies; Challenges And Essentials Of Policy-Making In Addiction Problem Persian BBC’s “Identity” Narrative In Special Program For New Year Sports And National Security (Production Boom Under Sanctions: Transition From Vasculature-Based […]


National Security Monitoring No. 88

Politics Of Hijab In Governance Of Islamic Republic Of Iran Kurdish Celebrities Congress; Strategic Initiative In Area Of Ethnicities Requirements For Governance Under Sanctions Development In The Judiciary: From Efficiency To Fighting Corruption Bitcoin; Opportunities And Threats IRGC’s Retaliatory Attack To Kurdish Parties Headquarters In Iraqi Kurdistan Reduction Of Nuclear Commitments: Consequences And Prospect Return […]